When You Tune Into Nature, Nature Tunes You Up.

“balance” by jesslef

Do you remember the film called “Limitless?”

Back in my junkie days, I had this fantasy of being able to reach the kind of super high I got from the best weed, by using natural ways only, meaning sleep, food, exercise and so on. Lately, this has been happening more and more as I remove negative things and increase the number of positive things with consistent lifestyle changes.

This morning I finally achieved this super high from my lifestyle. I was down town, closed my eyes and could hear untied shoelaces hitting the ground. When I opened my eyes, these were actually tied shoelaces hitting the surface of the wearer’s sneakers a few meters away! I could hear what kind of posture people had when they were walking, in crowd of say 30 people. And I’m still facing some mental issues. Just imagine how I will be 2 years from now when martial arts, yoga and fitness will be daily routines.

Being normal human beings, turns us into super human beings.

We had these abilities turned on thousands of years ago and if you want to be the best version of yourself, than ask yourself what you really need in your current lifestyle? With all our technological evolution we have become what I call “The Symptom Society.” We have endless names for different diseases and the way some doctors deal with these is often by reminding us of how hopeless our situation is. This mentality creates fears and that creates more symptoms.

I have been fighting with my mind this summer over how wrong it is to be attracted to young beautiful women because it will probably trigger mental disorders that could lead to a suicide. This is what I learned from my current psychologist. That it’s dangerous to be aroused in the summer time. I’m not a robot, I’m Icelandic for Christ’s sake! This is one of the reasons why I gave up trusting medical professionals and took full responsibility for my emotional, mental and physical health.

It begins with the removal of as many obstacles as you can.

What I do might be boring to many people: No smartphone, no internet at home, no TV, no Netflix, almost no music at home, just peace and quiet and almost no social life.  Basically speaking, I have to act to be alive, no entertainment is coming to save the day. The more I remove, the less I need. And the less I need, the more I can look at these very so attractive women without turning into a victim that would do stupid things to get their attention, like buying them drinks when I should be meditating alone in the forest. Imagine how healthy this lifestyle would be for families. It would be exactly like my own family in the 1980’s. No wonder I never got sick, my parents made sure of that with normal food, some of which we grew in your own garden. Those strawberries we had cannot be bought!

Big global success is what I want and the more natural I become the more possible it becomes.

Thank you for reading and may today bring peace, love and romance to you and yours,



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