How To Change The News Globally And Create A Prettier World.

girl-791231_1280Everyone loves heroes.

One of the most powerful antidepressants I use, is news detox. No TV news, no radio news, no newspapers and no online news. Every now and then, a tiny little bit will slip through, especially if I’m tired, then it’s as if the fear addiction takes over fast. If the news are truly breathtaking and unusually bad, everyone will be talking about it, the little information I need about the world’s problems, I eventually get. When I fail on that detox, my thoughts change from being focused on taking care of my life and fear and victim mentality begins to manifest itself.

What fear based information does, is serving the part of our brain that we needed for survival thousands of years ago called the Amygdala. According to what I’ve learned, the Amygdala helps us register threats, like sounds in the grass, that could be sneaking lions, ready to eat us. With 7 billion people on the planet and the news being global 24/7, there are many lions in the grass combined, these lions are so few out of 7 billion however, that they hardly exist. Kindness happens several billion times a day, yet we don’t hear much about that.

How exactly can the news be changed into more positive story telling?

The method I’ve come up is simple and doable with today’s technology. Imagine an automated program that scans all the news and creates new reports with major focus on the heroic efforts. The program would then write new articles with basic input from actual journalists and post that on the internet at least ten times more than the current news companies. Ten times, because we are ten times more likely to look out for threats than non-threats. Furthermore, the positive sites would allow commenting, unlike many of the largest media outlets now a days, which brainwash us with little hope for turning that around. They certainly know what they are doing.

Furthermore we would use a traffic generation software that would override anything people search for about current events, so that the next terrorist attack would be globally reported with focus on heroic efforts of those that did amazing things during hard times.”Muslim heroes help Christian parents find their children!” This would provoke haters to read and drive in supporters of a better world, to gather arguments about the unity of mankind.

It’s all about the money really.

I once read the front page of the Danish Journalist Students Monthly:
“The Marketing Division Controls The Front Pages – Crisis, War And Cancer Sell Best.”
Advertisers follow the traffic and the big companies would be forced to follow this path if they were to survive financially.

Additionally, this would help with my goal to eradicate depression globally by 2025. Our world would be more creative, safe, prosperous and productive. Mental disorders would decrease, physical illnesses such as back pain would decrease as well and children would be raised by stronger and more stable parents. Less stress would result in fewer accidents at work and so on. The world would come closer to the world we see when we don’t watch the news of today.

Together we shall overcome the obstacles, little by little and one by one.

Thank you for reading and drop the news for a change,



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