We Choose What We Dream At Night.

wallpaper-830417_1280After I began this entrepreneur journey, I have made deliberate choices about what I allow entering my head.

I spend VERY little time socializing, or hanging out and limit that to VERY few people that I either have known for a very long time and/or have a positive effect on me. It all began after I made a deliberate choice about spending as little time as possible, unless forced to, around people whom might have a negative effect on my mind, because not long ago I woke up to the fact that I had made so many poor choices for such a long time, that life was slipping away, literally.

The ONLY person that is allowed to interrupt me at all times, is my kid, because I see my existence first and foremost as being for her protection, guidance and inspiration. Otherwise I’m taking care of my health and business. Only a year ago, I was sneaking around behind apartment buildings, smoking weed from a beer can, so drained out mentally, that my biggest wish was to be tired enough to confusely enter the streets and be hit by a bus and killed, to get a peace of mind.

This morning however I jumped into the rather cold North-Atlantic ocean and chose a spot I was afraid of. I prefer starting the day by facing my fears of falling and drowning, without hesitation and into uncomfortably cold water, so I can handle pretty much anything like a boss, until bed time.
I have indeed come a very long way in a very short time!

How to program your brain for the dreams of your choice.

Moving on to dreams. I listen to a lot of inspiring winner, success and entrepreneur mindset material at my office, the public library. Lately my dreams have been nothing less than amazing. The other day I had a full night of constant advice from countless tops achievers, including people like Tony Robbins. Hours of replay from YouTube, just two on two in person and as if it was taking place in reality.

Two nights ago, during a dream, I pitched my start-up to a very rich person that doesn’t exist and owned that very challenging scenario. It ended with closing a deal for a very large amount. Some experts claim that our dreams are what we see while our brain categorizes what we’ve put into it, so you better be mindful about how you’re going to use your sleep. Among the things I don’t accept anymore are conspiracy theories, the news or the worst thing imaginable, po**. Watching that garbage is choosing to waste your potential.

Do you also talk with yourself all the time?

I’m one of these people that talk to myself all the time and that has changed so much for the better as well. I used to be my absolute worst enemy, believing that I deserved the worst things in life, but that has changed dramatically with a new direction in self talk.

Now my speech on how I’m going to secure investments for victory against depression, is being fine tuned all the time; “Yeah, and then we will implement that technology into a responsive app that monitors the mental state of the user and gather that into a data bank, so that the AI can mine for potential red flags and deliver a message to a selected person of trust, so that a suicide can be predicted before it’s even a choice.” And so forth.

If you want success, you MUST choose WISELY what you eat with your brain.

Thank you for reading and be mindful of your thoughts, they create your dreams,



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