Are Agricultural Subsidies Aimed at Improving Public Health?

avocado-2115922_1280Is there a connection between food prices and public health?

The US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health has an army of articles about all things related to health. Via a Google search for “nutritional neuroscience and depression” I found an article titled:

“Dietary recommendations for the prevention of depression.”

This article pretty much sums up what I’ve done to get out of my near daily depression for more than twenty years;

(1) follow ‘traditional’ dietary patterns, such as the Mediterranean, Norwegian, or Japanese diet; (2) increase consumption of fruits, vegetables, legumes, wholegrain cereals, nuts, and seeds; (3) include a high consumption of foods rich in omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids; (4) replace unhealthy foods with wholesome nutritious foods; (5) limit your intake of processed-foods, ‘fast’ foods, commercial bakery goods, and sweets.

You can eat your way out of depression.

I’m Icelandic, so I got back to my Icelandic roots and added to that a few extras. I am still near religious about the diet I have written about earlier in “The Foods I Eat To Avoid Depression.”
The results were staggering. I never believed I would get out of the dark, let alone so fast. I ran out of fish oil the other day and didn’t fetch more until I started to feel weird and unproductive. It feels kind of like constant electricity in my forehead. Healthcare professionals blamed that on Cannabis, but given that I haven’t smoked in a long time and that the symptoms come and go with fish oil consumption, or the lack thereof, I’ve come to the conclusion that Omega-3 deficiency may induce brain fog.

What has this to do with agricultural subsidies?

Now that we are using taxpayers’ money to manipulate the prices of agricultular products anyway, we should address which foods we prioritize. A friend told me recently that sugar is being subsidised in Iceland. If that is true, then how is that good for that nation’s economy? Sugar increases mental and physical disease, causes cravings in drivers in the afternoon traffic and doesn’t really contribute to anything needed for the basic survival of our species. Cheaper sugar equals more pressure on the healthcare system. Are we subsidising corn syrup? How about white processed wheat? Are we subsidising wild salmon or Avocadoes?

Is it perhaps time that the entire subsidising business be overhauled and re-designed with new goals, i.e. the general health of the consumer? That is a part of my future mission in life. Once I get some serious money, hiring of people that can read through thousands of documents from sources like the European Union, the subsidising industry will be looked into thoroughly, and altered.

One day, food shall be produced for health first and profits second.

Thank you for reading and eat well,



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