Artifical Intelligence Can Prevent Suicide.

man-845847_1280Imagine saving two thousand and two hundred lives every day.

This is something I find personally very interesting because when I planned out my last attempt ever, I left an abundance of cues online and over the phone, just not so precisely that people could figure out what was coming. I did send one text though, saying that the method was ready for execution. That text wasn’t taken all too seriously, which I guess is often the case, because a suicide is such a far away reality that it doesn’t make sense that anyone would actually carry it out.

According to the World Health Organization, more than eight hundred thousand people actually take their own lives every year, which is not acceptable. All of these people are someone’s children, most of these are someone’s sibling, many of these are someone’s parent and they are all human beings.

New amazing digital technology is emerging all the time.

We accept artificial intelligence analysing which advertising we get on social media, so I why not use the same approach to analyse wether a person is on the verge of taking their own life? D.A.R.P.A. aka. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency aka. The US Military’s research apparatus did just that with The Durkheim Project. It would be too much information to outline their work in one single article, but basically, they used AI and data mining to analyse veterans social media behaviour to predict whether someone was at a risk of suicide.

One of my aims is to get investment to do the same thing, just on a much larger scale, with a deeper impact and for all of the people at risk, world wide. Imagine an app on your phone, that can analyse the tone of your voice, compare that with your recent chats, messages and social updates and if it finds enough many red flags, it could possibly send a message, even behind your back because of the pride factor involved, to a trustworthy person you have chosen in the case of emergency. One important feature would be for the AI to understand irony and sarcasm, to realize whether we are hiding our motives.

Let’s shed a light on the dark.

I know that not all lives can be saved with apps. There are still people like me that don’t use a smart phone, but if it became a trend to prevent suicide, perhaps it would become fashionable to seek help? Perhaps it would vanish as a taboo and be accepted as an every day occurrence, that could be prevented with a transparent dialogue and understanding of this very seldom, yet very devastating decision, the decision to end the gift that life truly is.

I found a way out of the dark, I got some very powerful Icelandic genes installed and I will use that nature to destroy depression, no doubt about that. As of now, I’m working alone on this monumental task, so if you have just a tiny little bit of time, feel free to share this article so that the message about this potential solution can be spread across the globe.

Again, imagine saving two thousand and two hundred lives every day.

Thank you for reading and keep on living,



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