Every Creature on Earth Should Have Access to Proper Nutrition.

vegetables-752153_1280“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” – Hippocrates.

The very fact that I even have to say that we all should be eating well, says a lot about how far from nature we have come. When the human race came on the scene, there were no other choices than the best food you could find. And now that we have defeated any major obstacle to survival, except for human nature, I find it more than ridicilous that access to proper nutrition is a debate at all.

Why are companies like McDonald’s even legal, when it’s scientifically proven that their products kill people in the long run? Why are they even allowed to advertise to children, knowing that their products turn them into addicts before they are old enough to even understand what addiction is?

350 million people are depressed and over eight hundred thousand take their own lives every year, or a little over 90 different people every hour, every day, all year long. The reasons for depression can be many and while lack of nutrition can only explain some of the reasons why some of us linger in the dark for too long, it is simply common sense that good food equals good health.

When I sought help for my mental issues, I was shocked at how little attention the many academics I encountered, gave to nutrition, family ties and general well being. For me personally, it was a waste of time and only prolonged a dire state that led to all kinds of problems. My 9 year old daughter for one, is delighted that she got her daddy back from the dark.

How far can we stretch the boundaries of nature?

While companies like Monsanto have increased the size of crops through modification of the genes in plants, I still wonder if these plants will be soaking up too much nutrients from the soil over the course of the next eighty years. I wonder if nature found a way to balance how large a plant can be for the soil it naturally comes from. Why do we even wonder about such things? Do we have to question 4.5 billion years of evolution as inferior to a few decades worth of profitable research?

I do respect the importance of their work however. We still need to eat and if we had systems in place that wouldn’t require biotech, there would be no Monsanto. I don’t think they are in business to destroy the earth, I’m just not sure if they have the best solution possible. It’s easy to point fingers and be angry and fall prey to consiparcy theories. Whatever other people or companies do, it is still our personal responsibility to take care of our health and at the same time, do our best to walk the surface of the earth without leaving heavy footprints.

Lately, I have given it a great thought how big of a role agricultural subsidies play in the production of foods. The largest reciever of European Union agricultural subsidies in Denmark, is a producer of dairy products, which to my knowledge, holds no land nor animals.

I have just started the fight to eradicate depression by 2025 and once I’m in a leadership role large enough, there will be pressure applied on the large food corporations, politicians and the subsidies lobbying industry in whole. The nr. 1 aim of food production should be health and not profit, the profit comes anyway, as food is what we buy most.

There shall be changes and the changes shall be good.

Thank you for reading and remember them veggies,




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