How I Got Addiction Under Control.

boats-1838939_1280Narcotics ease a lot of pain.

About twenty years ago, I smoked my first bong. The thick yellow smoke was such an embrace of internal unity. Finally I was at ease, finally things were pretty darn nice and fun. You see, narcotics can have devastating effects on people’s lives, but when you have hidden internal battles, depression, social anxiety and the inability to be intimate, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix and cannabis make a perfect marriage in such a mind. It wasn’t a good choice back then though, because by treating our symptoms, the problems are merely kept outside the window the soul. Our problems lure in the dark, waiting to attack us the next time we’ve run out of our personal choice for symptom treatment.

Narcotics become a trap over time.

Fast forward to January 2016. At this point I had pretty much neglected my relationship with my daughter into oblivion. A year earlier I ended a stressful relationship and went without a place to call my own for 8 months and was in a pretty bad place, for a long time. I couldn’t see it because my pride and roughneck attitude simply kept the truth away. And then the root of all evil in my life, the very thing I had been fighting without knowing it, a rather dramatic event from the past revealed itself. After a few months of nearly daily crying and shaking on the floor, I had become so drained that I couldn’t handle anything. I wasn’t ready at all to having this memory expose itself. So I kept myself drunk for three weeks straight, going in and out of anxiety, semi-collapses here and there. I would sleep for 2-3 hours, then wake up, reach for the bottle and put some loud depressed music on. Eventually I got fed up and re-entered a cannabis group, because I somehow thought that alcohol hadn’t become a problem, which is a typical addict mentality, we are always looking for an excuse not to confront our issues. Blaming and complaining becomes our identity. “Personal responsibility is for arrogant elitists, who’s main agenda is to keep us in mental slavery.” Of course the words are more poetic, but the substance is exactly this.

Becoming sober is hard work and the benefits are spectacular.

The progress towards health was very slow and I had endless relapses, but somehow managed to cope with the program. Weekly meetings for an hour, was a major stress factor. One day, I decided that enough was enough. Whatever happened during my childhood just had to be deleted as an important factor. So I accepted it and forgave. You see, forgiving is not saying that things were ok, forgiving is the act of moving on and becoming complete today. So what if I had a bad experience, my little one shouldn’t have to suffer too, decades later. So I eventually shrugged my shoulders and decided to move on. I’m still moving on, it has taken months and I still have some victim mentality left. Personal success doesn’t come overnight. It doesn’t come from self-help gurus or doctors or support groups. These are tools we use along the way, but the success itself, that takes a very long time and there are endless setbacks. Eventually though, you reach the starting point of your new life.

That starting point was a change in lifestyle. What I have done with great success is:

  1. A VERY healthy diet. Close to raw vegan in fact. Don’t invite me to dinner, I might hurt your feelings.
  2. Mentality training. I spend up to two hours most days, watching interviews with winners.
  3. A little exercise. Almost every day, I walk to the beach, swim in the ocean and walk back. Takes about 90 minutes. Looking forward to the winter! 🙂
  4. Countless hours of research on all things healthy, such as posture, nutrition, attitude, habits, the brain and what not.
  5. Meditation. A major weapon for stress resilience.
  6. A totally new social life. In fact, I’m alone most of the time, working on my health.
  7. 100% deletion of conspiracy theories and the news for the most part.
  8. Removal of negative input. Victims are only allowed near me, if they intend to change.

I’ve come to realize that personal success is based on emotional, mental and physical health. In that particular order. I’d rather eat McDonald’s with the happiest people in the world, than a kale smoothie with pessimists. But ideally, it would be kale, yoga and the ocean.

“Parachute Strategies” can prevent a setback ruining your progress.

Life never ceases to disrupt our happiness and to prevent the bad times returning, I have come up with the concept of “Parachute Strategies.” Parachute strategies can bring you up again, fast. For me, it’s the basis of my diet, ocean swimming and negativity detox. These seem to rebuild me the fastest.

After I took personal responsibility for my life, amazing things have happened. The name of my company, Success Pinnacles, came about by a mistake. Imagine that! And I’ve chosen a goal, out of inspiration. To wipe depression from the surface of the earth by 2025. I believe that I will empower the most powerful people on the planet to join me and to be honest, that kind of a mentality was very easy to put into motion, compared to that of accepting the past.

Get your emotional health in order. Then work on your mind and then your body. The mental and physical ones came into play quite fast after my heart became better. Once you create a strong foundation for yourself, the rest of the world will be easier to conquer. All it takes is constistent effort over time.

It is never too late to turn your life around.

Thank you for reading and may today bring peace, love and prosperity to you and yours,



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