What is A Success Pinnacle?

adventure-1850912_1280Your success pinnacles may be many more than you realize.

A success pinnacle is whenever you break a personal record and reach an intentional or unintentional goal, such as this morning, when I managed to float in the ocean for the first time, like a jelly fish. A success pinnacle can be tiny and it can be huge. A huge success pinnacle can be the ability to walk for an infant or the Olympic Gold Medal for a sprinter.

A tiny success pinnacle is a step in the direction to a larger success pinnacle. Like walking up the stairs of personal growth. Finishing a project in school that takes forever but only impacts your grade by little, is a huge pinnacle when it’s finished and a smaller one when you graduate, to name one example. A small success pinnacle is just as important in the big picture.

Compounding smaller pinnacles can shape history.

Mind blowing success pinnacles, to me, are those defining moments of human achievement that shape history forever, such as the aeroplane, the internet, the wheel and so forth. These all came by after series of smaller pinnacles. My tiny little pinnacles, like each joint I didn’t smoke and each good meal I ate, have compounded to bigger victories, such as waking up at 4.30am to hit the gym.

One day, these bigger victories will compound into larger pinnacles, which will eventually compound into my foot print in history. This site here is just one step. Once it becomes a constistent product so to speak, it can be scaled into other ventures, like instagram, or a YouTube channel. These can then grow and grow until an empire of information for personal development has been created.

The peak of the mountain becomes yours after many many steps.

In order to improve our lives, we often set our goals way up high and then forget to break them down into possible steps. People that focus on losing weight, give in to cravings sometimes, because they didn’t take into account the power of the subconscious mind that may have been wired for junk food on a daily basis, for years. If you want to lose 20 pounds, or 200, then ask yourself; “what tiny little thing can I do today and again tomorrow, that I can handle right now?”

I finally got over pizzas by eating bananas every day, for a few weeks. About two months later, I began defeating depression. I failed enough many times over twenty years to be in the Guinness Book of Records. Through baby steps and by celebrating each tiny success pinnacle, sometimes with nothing but a little smile, I got depression under control and reached one of the highest peaks in my life so far. My failure became success.

See you at the top of your world.

Thank you for reading and enjoy the climb,



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