I Believe We Will Cure Depression by 2025.

watermelon-869207_1280The human race is facing a major opportunity for improvement.

According to The World Health Organization, over 800.000 people commit a suicide every year. That is a lot of human potential gone to waste. I’ve contemplated it more often than I can remember and tried a few times, but always survived. I want that victory for those that haven’t carried out an attempt yet, because life gets so much better once you’re out of the dark.

It has only took me three months to maintain a daily mental stability with radical, yet simple lifestyle changes. After I had confronted and accepted a trauma, my mental health improved beyond my wildest dreams, with a few simple adjustments:

  1. I took responsibility for my diet and returned to nature’s pharmacy.
  2. I added meditation on month two. First five minutes a day, for a week, then increased it up to 25 minutes in 6 weeks.
  3. During that time, I became mindful of how I think and react.
  4. Then I added some basic physical activity, which today consists only of an hour-long walk in nature, without my phone and a very short swim in the ocean.
  5. I have deleted conspiracy theories and the news from my mental consumption and gone very selective on what I see in my social media feeds.
  6. I’ve said a total goodbye to cannabis, hardly every see my old friends that still use and drink on very rare occasions.
  7. I choose very wisely what I put into my mind and strive to find anything success related or winner mentality related or even just a few positive affirmations.

The entire structure of society must change

Imagine what we can achieve by combining the world’s leading experts on emotional, mental and physical health. Couple that with enough resources to put public pressure on global and national authorities to change everything from upgrading the standard for nutritional quality to the standards for mental health treatment. Not to mention companies that produce food and receive government subsidies.

Exercise routines should be a standard in every school, because research shows that exercise improves the quality of our brains. Then there is our mindset. A positive mindset for personal growth and development for a strong character should be a foundation in elementary schools.

The information on how to end your depression is readily available for free.

I eat what I eat because I did enough research on mental health and food to find out where to start and how to grow my grocery shopping list over time. I exercise in the morning because afforementioned research told me that it would increase the health of my brain, an added benefit was that I stay mentally sharp the entire day if the gym is my first stop each day. I think like I think, because I’ve dug deep into advancements in neuroscience.

If you are still dealing with depression, I will tell you that you are choosing not to end it in the future. The recovery phase takes time, so why not start today already? When you read these lines, I have taken one more step in eradicating depression in this world and one day, you will take another step by inspiring someone else.

Together we shall slay the beast.

Thank you for reading and stay on the good path in life,



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