Why I Put Some People That Have Been Under The Influence In A 72 Hours Social Quarantine.

blur-1852926_1280Once your core values are set in stone, you cannot be shaken.

Unless I’m drinking myself, which happens on a very rare occasion, I prefer being nowhere near those that are or have been under the influence, for the past few days. When we get high or drunk, we release an abundance of rewarding brain chemicals, but when we sober up again, there is a lack of these hormones and that can turn an otherwise cool human being into a pest to be near. Those that aren’t awake to how much negativity slips into their heads during such weak times, are likely to share their pestilent mood with their surroundings.

This is easier said than done of course, since we can only control our own lives and not the rest of society, but I do what I can. Taking responsibility for what I allow into my head has been a major game changer in going from hopeless to optimistic. I don’t think people spend much time educating themselves on how our minds actually work and what we can do to improve our lives, but I do and therefore I can become quite selective about the kind of mental input I accept.

Not everyone may agree to you having new rules in your life.

This 72 hour rule is something I decided upon as it seemed to take three full days for me to recover mentally. There was a consistent pattern regardless of the situation. If you are going to do the same and people get pissed off and find you arrogant, that’s their problem. If you have regular users in your life, keeping them away everynow and then, will also spare you some situations where they need to borrow money that you will never get back.

The thing about addiction, is that people that use alcohol and other narcotics on a regular basis become needy about pretty much everything. Once you get out of neediness and become an independent person, being around needy people becomes a drag. And now that I’ve reached a personal record of stability for the past three months, almost every day and all day long, I have become quite brutal about what I accept in my life.

Like every skill in life, this one requires regular attention.

Everytime I lower the protection of my core values, things begin rolling back to the old life. It starts with negative thought and before I know, I’ve suddenly bought some pain relief in a haste, like a burger because I was dying of hunger. The inner victim is quick to take control when we are asleep.

On the other hand, the longer I practice my limits, the longer time there is until the next setback. I imagine that one day things will be so stable and consistent, that there wont be any setbacks at all, unless I make a conscious choice to create one.

Your life is yours to live and others to respect.

Thank you for reading and be good to yourself,




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