The Time To Change Your Life Is Right Now.

woman-865021_1280It is never too late to turn your life around.

Yesterday, I met a cool friend on my way home from the library and we exchanged the following:

Her: “Wow Hölli, look at you!”
Me: “Yeah, after I gave up drinking (for the most part) and weed, started eating healthy, swimming in the ocean, meditating and stuff like that, things are so much better.”
Her: “You’re doing what we all should be doing.”
Me: “I’m doing what I should have been doing over the past 20 years.”

A few months ago I eventually got fed up with who and what I had become. I made decisions that got me ill and eventually hurt my offspring by neglecting her during a period of illness, which I had created, through series of bad choices. It wasn’t the depression that got me there, I created the situation by being stupid.

Once we take that first step, the rest becomes easier.

Now that I’ve managed to take responsibility, for the most part, for my past, present and future, things have changed beyond what my wildest dreams were just few months ago. I planned on using a whole year to get back on track.

The first sign of massive improvement came a few days after I changed my diet. A few days! After 20 years of most days in depression. Few little days. After that, it took 2-3 months to establish this lifestyle, which has since become a routine, something I find normal.

Once you stick to positive changes, opportunities appear.

In order to keep myself on the upbeat track, I have been doing some extensive brainwashing with success related material on YouTube, not least Tom Bileyu’s Impact Theory, formerly known as Inside Quest, which features one great thinker and attitude shaper after the other. Inside Quest is a great starting place to get to know people who will inspire you for your own personal greatness.

One thing I have learned, is that once you respect your emotional, mental and physical health, any big goal or dream, becomes realistic. I believe that by maintaining these three aspects of your existence, it will be easier to realize any dream, as we reap more opportunities when we are well prepared.

Do not wait, take the first step right now.

Thank you for reading and may you progress,



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