If You’re Going To Complain About It, You Better Be Willing To Do Something About It.

warrior-1240990_1280Your attitude today, defines your life tomorrow.

One of the biggest reasons my life never got anywhere was my choice of attitude, mentality and perspective. I don’t know what it is in human nature that makes pessimism so attractive, but it sure is hard to overcome. Unless you got serious problems of course, then there is no time to complain.

By overcoming this big hurdle that the inner victim is, my road towards mental health finally became possible. My emotional health will grew fast and my choices of nutrition became what was necessary to keep things going forward.

What we feed our brains, becomes our choices.

Our choice of perspective may be the single most important choice we make on a daily basis. We have our goals, our dreams, our desires and expectations. The world however, doesn’t agree. And when the world gets in our way, we better be willing to take charge of our responses before we choose how to react. A good way to start is what I call the scale mentality.

The scale mentality simply means that you focus your energy on the opposite of an obstacle. If a person is angry, you focus on being relaxed. If a person is stressing you out with their fear based attitude, you do the same. You put your positive weight on the other side of the scale and balance their vibes before you make a decision on how to react. Breathe in and plunder the situation a bit.

The scale mentality works on your own inner workings as well.

Are you broke and worried about money? This is your opportunity to think in another direction and focus on what options you actually have. By doing so, your mind will eventually come up with something you can try, like call someone that is likely to have food to share.

Whatever the worry, whatever the situation, if you allow yourself to become the victim, external situations take over your mind and render you defenceless. When that happens, anything or anyone can take an easier advantage of you. Don’t let that happen. Look at the situation from outside and find a way, a little crack, anything really, so that your mind can start working in your favour.

Take charge, take responsibility and start turning your life towards more positivity.

Thank you for reading and start winning,



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