The Three Pillars of Personal Success.

plank-2054729_1280Complex problems often have simple solutions.

Last January, it dawned upon me that I had been running away from an internal struggle my entire life. After I confronted that and accepted it, things began improving very fast. Addiction turned to recovery and from thereon, I re-connected with my Icelandic roots of the winner mentality. See, we do not believe we can be nr. One in the world, we know we are. That is our basic mindset and our mantra is “It’ll be ok.” (þetta reddast).

Since I re-booted my journey towards personal success, I have realized that there are three pillars to every side of personal success. After I began maintaining these on a daily basis, most of my problems vanished.
These pillars are, by order of importance:

  1. Emotional health
  2. Mental health
  3. Physical health

Whatever is bothering you emotionally, you owe it to yourself to deal with it.

This is indeed the hardest step to overcome. Emotions are such a fundamental part of our being and involves all the most important people in our lives. Either as contributors of bad things, or helpless witnesses. Our inner victim feeds off of negative feelings and one of the most important steps I have taken, is to downsize the amount of time and attention I give to negative people.

We become our experiences, internally and externally. The brain creates connections all the time as new things are experienced. I heard somewhere that the mind does not recognize the difference between external and internal input. One of the most common phrases in personal development is “Positive Affirmations.” It means that you state your desired outcome in the present tense, telling your subconscious what to achieve.

An independent mind is free of cravings and paves the way for a fitness routine.

It’s hard enough to try and be healthy. So many temptations. By addressing your emotional issues, working on your mind becomes much easier and long-lasting. The more complex the story, the more the mess to clean out. The things I have found to work fast and well on the mind, besides physical health, are meditation, mindfulness and massage.

As your mind becomes less of an obstacle, it becomes natural installing healthy eating and fitness as a routine. These three pillars do indeed go hand in hand and as you begin working on one, the others follow. Start on the one you can address first and build them up over time.

Your pillars are waiting for you, go and build them!

Thank you for reading and have fun building your life,




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