Knowing And Respecting Your Core Values, Transforms Your Life Fast.

woman-1245840_1920Respecting your core values can propell your personal success.

My most important core value today is super health. After I got back on my feet after depression, anxiety, stress and addiction, I swore that I would never go back to that mess. This core value has planted its roots into every decision I make. Grocery shopping, posture, my way of greeting people, why I exercise and when I go to sleep.

Not much has changed besides my lifestyle and attitude really. I’m still on welfare, the same apartment, the same town and similar social circles. For those of you that look down on welfare recipients, it’s time not spent on improving your own existence and you owe yourself to remove self-created mental obstructions. I’m getting closer to being able to work again, because of choices that reflect my most important core value.

I don’t tolerate every kind of personalities in my life any more.

Another thing which has changed, is that I have no problem with making a zero-tolerance policy on whom I surround myself with. Pessimists, and I used to be the world champion of that, are people I try to ignore as much as possible, also on social media. Another type of people I don’t tolerate any more, are the perpetual victims. I used to be the world champion of victim mentality as well btw.

There are three exceptions to this: People I love too much to dismiss, those in the need of help in the case of an emergency, and those that desire to grow out of it and improve their lives, in which case, I am here to help.

Dreams, goals and ambitions have become much clearer.

My ambitions have grown and are being defined even better. In fact, the more you protect your core values, the more steps you begin taking towards the life of your dreams. Some days it takes effort, other days, it just happens, almost by itself.

Finding our true core values can take time and tends to happen after major defeats in life. It’s almost like getting over a toxic relationship. Having that said, do keep an eye out for things that irritate you regularly and imagine what your life would be without it and try to figure out what it will take to remove that irritation.

Protect your core values as if your life depends on it, because it does.

Thank you for reading and keep growing friend,




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