Why Me?!? Why Not You?

love-2055960_1280When disaster strikes, our inner victim is quick to demand attention.

I have a dear friend, whose attitude is natural when it comes to successful thinking. She’s 33 years old, works as a teacher these days, already owns two properties she rents out, while renting a cheaper third one. Her goals are not big, like ours that strive for this super successful mentality, but her attitude is a lesson for us all. Her retirement plan is to own a debt free property at the age of 45, in Iceland, rent it out and then live somewhere awesome in the world. And she will, according to latest calculations.

After her father passed away, with whom she was very close, she told me that even though the loss was massive and the grieving took it’s time, she was still focused on and grateful for the wonderful times they spent together and as she put it so frankly: “Why not me? We all loose our parents one day and it’s easy to pity ourselves. I’ve been through some serious shit, so many times, yet I think my life has been awesome.” We just spoke earlier today, over the phone. She’s one of those people I can tell about my wildest dreams and get support, reality check and a mental boost, all at once.

Instead of thinking; “why me,” perhaps we should try to remember her lesson; “why not me?”

Whom do we help anyway by becoming a victim of our circumstances? We can’t be there for others that will also be affected by the situation, either directly, or through our attitude when we choose not to stand strong against the breaking waves of life.

Funny thing is, I’ve never heard these words from any of the most successful people on the planet, in history, yet this very advice defines what it truly takes to rise above the average, in anything you do. Shit will happen, we all have it, more often than we’d like and more severe than we can handle sometimes, but hey, “why not me?”

Moving past the advice stage towards practicing golden nuggets of wisdom doesn’t happen in a day.

Personally, I still obey my inner victim from time to time, though it has become a lot less powerless after personal responsibility became a core value. This is a work in progress and takes more time than I like, because of the time-saving mechanism in our subconscious, which saves energy by being on auto-pilot most of the time.

This friend of mine has always been a bad-ass, but that doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t start learning and practicing now. We can and we should. Remember her wisdom.

Why not me and why not you?

Thank you for reading and may you stay strong when you need it,



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