Every Problem Is A Goldmine.

action-1867014_1280Sometimes, the bad is good.

Yesterday, I hit a brickwall. At the age of forty, I had reached a point where it was time to admit, that my back is turning older than I wish and faster too! Suddenly there was this stinging pain, just waiting to build up to the moment where doctors, medicine, massage and other types of symptom treatment would become inevitable.

I went through life from childhood and up until recently, without much selfworth. Why isn’t important right now, but rather the physical, mental and emotional consequences. Physically speaking, I have a couple of Quasimodo muscles in the making. Mentally, it gives stress through out the day walking around as if life is getting the best of you, and emotionally, it just sucks.

Winning is up to yourself.

So I made a choice, I adjusted the posture and walked around yesterday, as if I OWNED THE WORLD! Yeah, not just adjusting to be normal, but adjusting to be EXTRAORDINARY, it was the only way to get rid of the pain and also happens to be the attitude we require to reap success.

It’s so easy resorting to external means of betterment, but without taking full responsibility for the life we have created for ourselves, we never get to breathe that awesome feeling of VICTORY through ACTION.

Good results can come faster than you expect.

I often pay great attention to the details in my surroundings and I can now see how society treats a person that walks around with great posture. Admiration, respect and kindness are the attitudes I remember best from other people’s reactions yesterday. As for me, improved mood, more confidence and a clearer mind.

Getting this done is quite simple. You stand in your normal pose, let your chin level with the ground, lift your shoulders up and then let them fall backwards. Repeat this every morning when you get out of bed.

Are you ready to take ownership for your world?

Thank you for reading and may you stand tall and strong,



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