How To Deal With A Hangover.

man-979980_1280Let the night begin and end with water.

It’s always a great idea to drink a few glasses of water while you’re out partying. Not only does it make you less of an asshole, but you’ll be glad the day after, when you wake up, a little less hung over. A common rule is; every second glass with water, every second glass with fun.

Before you go sleep after a night of partying, drink a half a liter (17oz /0.13 gallons) of water, with the juice from a full lemon in it. This will flush out toxins, and force you to get up a few hours later, for a pee. After you pee, you drink another half a liter of water, get back to bed and repeat this over and over again, until you can’t sleep anymore or have to get up. Then as you wake up, you drink yet another glass of water, same amount.

What do to when you wake up.

Start the day with a cold shower. I know, it’s horrible, but hey, you chose to drink, so no complaining, just suffer through it. A cold shower improves your circulation and immunity, stimulates weight loss and relieves depression, all issues that increase when we get drunk. Exercise will help tremendously as well.

Make sure you got your favourite fruits ready when you wake up, either for a smoothie, juicing or just eating. Water based fruits work well of course. Water melons, I feel, have a refreshing effect on my head. After breakfast, take a brisk walk. Just do it, you’ll be happy when you get back home. Or even go to the gym or whatever routine you have. Sweating out the booze, will give you massive benefits.

Recovery activities you can do throughout the day.

Eat healthy through out the day. It’s b.s. when we think that junk food helps getting us back on track, that’s just victim mentality justifying the hangover depression. You’ve had a blast the day before and now your brain and body are depleted from the good stuff. Eat properly or accept your brain and body to be less than optimal in the coming few days.

Developing a winners attitude is never as effective as when we face adversity. By avoiding complaining over the situation and by staying positive, your brain will be programmed to deal with future obstacles. Never miss an opportunity to grow!

Drink plenty of water, train your attitude, take a walk and eat well.

Thank you for reading and enjoy your life,



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