An Advanced Way Of Learning.

computer-1185626_1280Speeding up the acquisition of new information.

Two of my hobbies include learning new things, and getting more done, faster. Thanks to YouTube, you can learn literally anything and lately, my focus has been on interviews and lectures by mind blowing people. Often I choose subjects that I know little or nothing about and it can be difficult to focus on new material here at the library, interrupted by screaming children, announcements over the speakers and so forth.

What I have been doing lately to ease the process, is to combine an old Russian experiment I read about many years ago, called “Super Learning,” if I recall that correctly, coupled with more modern ways and my own method. In Russia, they had their subjects listen to curated classical music at a special tempo, based on optimal brainwave frequencies for learning.

Using multiple sources of brain stimulation to learn faster.

Nowadays, I combine up to four different YouTube videos simultaneously, three of them playing sound, and the fourth playing uplifting and beautiful scenes from nature. On the rare occasion of playing the fourth video, I choose pure “binaural beats” at around 8Hz, at a very low volume. It differs depending on the time of the day, and sometimes it doesn’t help, so you might have to experiement a little.

Before you start, I advice that you bring the master volume for you speakers/headphones, down to a zero and then gradually raise the volume until it fits your needs. I also choose specific music that gives a feeling of mental clarity, prior to blogging, it helps tremendously with spelling, grammar, research and the flow of typing.

Changing the environment might help too.

If you have complex stuff to read and memorize, you could fx. go out into nature, with your phone and listen to something like classical music, or one of those binaural beats videos on YouTube, find a good posture and read away. The open air will further increase your well being and by going out, you might actually save time on learning, as our brain functions better after we exercise, even if it’s just a walk towards your study location.

The music I use, might not be right for you, and I’ve noticed that different songs, work at different times of the day, and in different states of being. It takes some time digging for the right stuff, so I reccomend creating a playlist with your favourites.

Happy learning!

Thank you for reading and may the day bring peace, love and prosperity to you and yours,



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