Breaking Free of Obstructive Relationships.

jump-1640990_1280Sometimes the best choices make you un-popular.

After I took the plunge into the healthy lifestyle, for real, it became evident more and more, that there would be unfamiliar consequences. Yesterday I drew a thick line and explained to an acquaintance, with whom I was in the beginning steps of starting up a business, that people who insist on me taking a sip of beer, have no place in my life. He was less than happy.

Without the necessary discipline, even if it hurts the expectations of the people we care about, dreams and goals can vanish back into fantasy land. I like this person, and I enjoy our deep talks about life, however when two souls aren’t aligned, it’s best to keep things in the friend-zone only. Our friendship didn’t end, but our business plans did of course.

When you reach a turning point, there is no turning back.

This last January, I was drunk for three weeks in a row, every day, because I didn’t want to face an internal battle. During that time, I had such a powerful anxiety attack. My mind was spinning so fast, I felt like I would just drop dead, so I planned to kill myself, as a last resort to prevent a life in perpetual insanity. The only thing left to do, was to complete the decision. Earlier that day I nearly got hit by a bus, because my brain couldn’t process the incoming traffic.

Shortly thereafter, I nearly got a loved one killed in an accident, as I was passing a street in a haze of confusion. And then the blackout/near fainting from fatigue in a friend’s child’s birthday party. Last time I got drunk, I smoked a hash-pipe so strong, it ruined my mental health for a few days. There were many more days like these, for months, but my point is, once you’ve had enough, you develop a zero-tolerance policy on a whole lot of things.

Once you wake up, you become indestructible.

Things have been changing fast recently, and what used to be the norm in my communication, is becoming a scarcity. I explained to two friends recently that I do not tolerate being contacted by people under the influence. The thing is, drunk or high people have a lot to say, but the following day nothing happens, because it’s just fantasy talk for fun. I used to be one, but not anymore.

My core values have been defined quite brutally and in order for them to be respected, one simply has to lead a life of empowerment. For me, it came down to attitude training, aka. inner victim slaughtering, proper nutrition and exercise.

Once you find your way, it’s merely a matter of repeating those little steps on a daily basis, that way, the future shall be yours to own.

Thank you for reading and may you and your folks be well,



5 thoughts on “Breaking Free of Obstructive Relationships.

    1. Thank you Sam!
      Just checked out your site and didn’t know about Anchoring, until now. I get the idea, success orientated folks should check that one out.

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