Should We Take Our Emotions Seriously?


Shrugging your shoulders could hold the key to a better life.

One of the key elements in my ongoing success with life, has been shrugging my shoulders once negative emotions start stirring up my mind AND when super happy emotions start stirring up my mind in the other direction.

During an earlier period of emotional numbness I became quite detached, didn’t really care about anything. And then a few months ago, as I began having enough of where my life was headed, I made some improvements, first with the food, then with meditation, then by being mindful of my attitude.

Is the present, or is it the past?

Our feelings are after all, I think, emotional memory and don’t have much to say about what is happening right now, rather, they are a mirror of how we felt in the past, maybe on multiple occasions through the years, in the same or a similar circumstances and work as a mechanism to prevent another disaster. Things hardly ever go so wrong though, that a catastrophy takes place.

Unless you seek out the same destructive patterns as you’ve done so many times, such as opening a bottle of beer the day before something important, and without the capacity to control your alcohol intake. Isn’t that however mere emotional memory going out of control under the influence, because it’s so easy not to care about the consequences when we are drunk?

Are you ready to enter the eye of your life’s hurricane yet?

It takes A LOT these days to stir up my mind and when it happens, the wave is small and only lasts a few seconds, because I have trained myself to remember, that a mind out of control, is a life out of control. This is furthermore, a key element in dealing with toxic people, whom seem to come in endless supply. Not to forget the news, on the rare occasion I degrade my existence with exposure to that garbage.

Every decision we make, amplifies the power of similar decisions from the past. The news are next door neighbours to conspiracy theories and politically engaged debate trolls. Positive attitude is a typical trait of those that eat and live well. If it is a better life you want, then a little bit of this and that which is good, will eventually bring you much further than you have already come.

So shrug your shoulders in the sight of everyday problems, it might just get you to paradise a few years from now.

Thank you for reading and take it easy,



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