Our Subconsious Has Superpowers.

star-645772_1280Exploring ways to tap into our true mental potential.

It is amazing how much mind blowing stuff I’ve found online, since the restart of this winning mentality journey. There are blogs, scientific articles, Wikipedia entries, YouTube videos and websites like www.success.com.

Then there are mailing lists on everything from nutrition, meditation, winner’s mentality, public speaking, relationship building, personal development, exponential thinking, big goals, inspirational interviews, lectures and even comments from other people. Whatever you put your focus on, your subconscious starts looking for more of.

It’s easy to increase your focus right now.

One experiment I did recently that really works when listening to interviews, talks, reading or writing, like this blog fx. is to run certain kinds of music from YouTube in the background. Usually its classical music, or some kind of “Study / focus” music. As these words are being written, I’m currently listening to:

The reason is because it has 8Hz binaural beats going on in the background and what it’s claimed to do, is to bring our brainwaves down to 8Hz, which apparently is good for clearing the mind. This one works for me, some other 8Hz videos confuse me, so you might have to dig for your kind of stuff. Sometimes I’ll find pure 8Hz tones, and then run another video with music I like more, alongside the 8Hz.

The science of “The Flow State.”

Now, it turns out from neurobiological research, not least on Tibetan monks, that we use far more than 10% of our brain. In the so-called “Flow State”, we access our subconscious, so we better be mindful of what we consume mentally. I’ve personally been experiencing this recently after I began meditating and put it to the test while driving around in the video game GTA V recently.

My driving skills became incredible, whilst I kept telling myself “My mind is silent,” just that, and it was as if the other cars were slower and more predictable. Our subconscious is always in the now, so in order to progress, it’s important that we keep telling us that what we want to achieve, is taking place right now. Feels dishonest to begin with, but it’s the way to do it. “There’s a common myth that humans only use about 10% of their brains.” – Steven Kotler.

What you want to achieve, is possible and the tools are available.

Peace, love and prosperity to us all.



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