Why I Think Our Cravings Are B.S.

portrait-865007_1280Research shows that our subconscious makes our decisions before we even know what we want.

I used to smoke weed for many years, quite a bit some times and often more if I was having bad days. I basically trained my brain, including the subconscious to expect weed if things were going bad. Much like Pavlov’s dog. Realizing this has become a major game changer in my life recently.

I can now avoid foods much more easily and avoid places that are deconstructive, while easily paving my way towards places and people that are constructive, because now I know, that what my mind wants, is what it’s used to, not what I want. The feelings associated must therefore be utter b.s.

Cravings and addiction is a conflicting devil, deep inside our head.

Imagine this scenario. Your neurotic connections are split into two teams; one releases stress hormones, the other, pleasure hormones. You’re having a shitty day and your subconscious whispers your favourtie escape into your ear, making you believe it’s your idea. Maybe it’s Facebook, a cake, a drink, drugs or whatever.

The two teams are on each side of a massive stadium and you are in the middle. The pleasure neurons are all holding hands, jumping up and down, chanting “Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!” While the stress neurons are going “Noooooooooooo!!!! Don’t do it! Don’t give in to your favourite thing to do right now! Don’t do what you seriously want!!!!”

Understanding the mechanisms of our mind, is often enough as a first step towards better results.

Back in the day, I’d reach for my phone and check who got weed. Or go directly to the next shop and buy beer, chips and chocolate. Anything to please the cravings and silence the associated stress. Now I know better. Nothing bad will happen if I just walk out of the field from an undecided match. The neurons go back to their previous work and everybody is cool.

Check out this YouTube playlist for more education on the power of your mind.

Thank you for reading and may your mind behave today,


3 thoughts on “Why I Think Our Cravings Are B.S.

    1. Thank you Organic Barman, it took me some digging to find out who you are. So there is a thing called healthy drinking?


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