The Road To Success Can Be Lonesome, But So What?

girl-1828079_1280.jpgOnce you take the dive into the waters of success, your social values change.

In a way it’s a good thing, because so much time is needed for reflection, planning & execution and once you start stepping out of the social circles of ordinary people, you realize that you’ve been building relationships that wont be with you on the journey towards an extraordinary life. You realize, that your active social life, where you can truly express your boldest ideas, consists of only one person, most of the time.

Finding new open-minded & mind-blowing people is hard, and it takes time to build a solid relationship with new friends. Jim Rohn said that we become the average of the five people we spend most time with. Therefore, my current social mission is to figure out where these people are. What kind of hobbies, similar to mine, do they have? What kind of lectures do they attend, that I am interested in? Are there any Peak Performance and Exponential Growth brain storming clubs where I live? And so on.

Your old social circles still hold a significant value.

Success minded people will however, not be around you when it’s time to relax and be human for a while. They wont be there over the weekend, binge watching your new favourite series on Netflix and they certainly wont be there that one day you take a break from your disciplines, by getting wasted at your old favourite bar. If these mind-blowing people aren’t already at your family reunions, they probably wont be there the next time, nor at the class reunion.

When your success plans don’t work out, that is most of the time, at least at start in my experience, success driven people don’t have time or interest in your whining, that is what friends and family are for. Furthermore, they’re probably busy closing important deals when it’s time to re-paint your apartment. In my short-lived experience with creating a life where the word “work” is defined on my terms, it’s really about having two lives. Not to forget, that my network of success minded people is still to this day, only accessible online, besides a very few people whom I hardly ever meet, because they’re always busy.

The way forward, has to this day, been two steps forward and one step back.

I imagine the progress of my life as an upwards curve, where every third point goes down to the same level as the point before. Slow and steady wins the race. That’s how I beat the obstacles that were holding me back in the first place and that’s the strategy I imagine using the rest of my life. Once you throw the dice on square one in the board game of life, things seem to take forever to progress and you’re alone doing it, not least nowadays, where so many new ventures are being done online only, like this blog here.

Patience is the key. It took me almost one hundred articles to figure out the layout, format and style that worked best. Almost one hundred articles to reach 25 subscribers and almost one hundred articles to reach thirty views on a daily basis, over a period of nine months. That’s some pregnancy! During that time, there were endless setbacks, mostly health related, but I got back up and found a consistent lifestyle that delivers results.

Hang in there and keep at it every day, eventually it starts paying off!

Thank you for reading and keep grinding it,



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