Exponential Thinking Is What Differs The Most Influential World Changers From The Rest Of Us.

Thanks to exponential technologies, we now live in times where you can learn anything and create a business for free, or just about.

This is truly a mind-blowing mindset. It’s hard to explain by and to a newcomer on the Exponential Scene, so check out this video with Peter H. Diamandis, before reading further about how this exponential stuff has changed my life with amazing results.

How I used exponential technologies to explode the quality of my life.

I’ve had some massive health issues over the last two years or so. Just a year ago, I was hiding behind bushes or buildings downtown, here in Århus, Denmark, smoking weed from beer cans turned into bongs. I know, inhaling paint and aluminium isn’t a great idea. Few months ago I was at the risk of being run over by traffic all the time, because my mind was so foggy.

Two months ago I finally gave up weed, alcohol is pretty much gone, because I faced a few internal issues, but most importantly, I changed my diet, after doing hours upon hours, day after day research on the local library on super foods, diet, nutrition, the brain, mental problems and what not. All for free, delivered via high-speed internet, in HD, watching one TED talk after the other and reading blogs, about all kinds of super empowering concepts, not least reprogramming our subconscious.

It’s really just forward and upwards when good things become a routine.

Once the food began becoming a routine, ocean swimming and walks outside followed with the rising sun, and now meditation is a daily routine, morning, evening and sometimes midday, a total of at least 30 minutes a day. I also try to be mindful of myself out and about in society and the results are staggering. Since the second week of this month, I’ve been able to get up around 6.45 almost every day, and stay up, with a few naps here and there.

Just a few months ago, I slept 1-3 hours a night, two months ago, around twelve hours a day. Sleep deprivation has been a major problem since 2014, until now. None of the doctors, psychologists or rehab people I’ve encountered for the past two years, could help much with the symptoms that kept me down. Confronting victim mentality and the research I’ve been able to do, because of exponential technologies, has done wonders.

Personal success can come faster than you expect.

I’m so excited about how life has improved, that I spend more time at the library now, than in the old social circles and the proof of personal success is quite obvious. All the praise and love from the people I used to socialize with much, and less now, is constantly something like “Wow, look at you! You’ve changed so much, so fast! Congratulations on your new life!” and so on. It looks like an overnight success, but it’s been relentless work in the search for not only better health, but the best life can offer. I’ve always been this “anything is possible” type and now it truly is!

Other new exciting things are emerging with a clearer mind. I’m super aware of my lack of exercise, something that will be added to the success formula soon. I’ve begun going to latin dance nights, looking good, happy and confident and fine women are now paying attention, whereas just few months ago, I felt like a worthless outcast of society. Began learning the Bosnian language as well, in micro steps, as I often meet people from that amazing nation.

By using these exponential technologies in the right way, you can improve any part of your life fast.

Thank you for reading and be exponentially well,



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