You Have The Power To Build The Brain That You Want.


Everything we experience affects the structure of our brain chemistry.

Whenever a thought takes place, some neurons pass information to other neurons. That takes place by releasing brain chemicals that then land on the next neuron, passing electricity through that neuron and so forth, until the chain of thought has found its goal. Any kind of input to the brain, images, sounds, smells, etc. create new neurotic connections. On top of that, our brains rely on repeated behaviour to save energy, often referred to as being on auto-pilot, you know, like riding a bike.

Now, what we choose, or don’t choose, to consume with our minds, will either reinforce what is already there, dissolve old connections or create new connections. The brain’s natural ability to stay stuck in the usual also happens to be the obstacle to creating new routines. Our brain can be our best friend or worst enemy, it is simply a matter of what we feed it with, how we respond to challenges, which limits we impose on negative input and so forth.

After watching this, your brain will not be the same.

Dr. Lara Boyd was one of the first people to give me hope that I could end depression, anxiety, stress, addiction and other evil things. A brain researcher at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, Dr. Boyd explains how neuroplasticity gives us the power to shape our brain towards the life of our dreams.

It is truly amazing how much we can grow and learn, once we put our focus on the good things. I used be such a consumer of the news and later conspiracy theories. I also used to be heavily depressed. I believe that thoughts and external experiences go hand in hand, both negatives and positives. It is really up to us first and foremost, to create the results we are looking for.

What kind of life would you be living if you had nothing more to achieve?

It doesn’t matter where you are in life right now, the future can be so much different from what you have been expecting it to be so far. I mean, I used to spend day in day out, thinking that my life was shit and that it would remain shit, no wonder depression was my closest friend for twenty-five years! It was a decision. A decision to suffer and a decision to not end the suffering.

My depression this time around, came to end at the beginning of this year, mid-winter, in Scandinavia, without drugs, without therapy and without the cycle of negativity. The situation is irrelevant, it’s the conscious and non-conscious choices we make, that make or break depression.

Your future can and will be better, and it starts with saying it will be so.

Thank you for dropping by and may your day bring peace, love and prosperity to you and yours,



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