Empower Your Life With Power Poses.


beach-1853902_1280True inner confidence defines the deals we get in life.

We all have these days where life seems to hand us celebration on a silver platter, and then there are these days where things just don’t work out, people bumping into us, shop assistants passing us by as if we are phantoms and someone pushing us aside in a cue. People can be ruthless and ignorant, but I think it has to do with our ability to shine.

In these times of the digital life, it’s as if we have become ghosts to one another. Few years ago we would apologize when bumping into strangers, but nowadays, it’s not even registered, no apologizes and no hard feelings, maybe we accept it because we miss human contact and will do with whatever the world is kind enough to hand us.

Your body language shapes who you are.

In her massively popular TED talk, Amy Cuddy has explained from a scientific standpoint how proper posture can increase that shine effect, that makes or breaks our place in the social hierarchy. Understanding how posture affects us is important and understanding how to get this into a consistent daily routine is even more important. That I will explain beneath the video.

Besides getting depression and addiction under control, ridding me of anxiety and finishing of a years long severe stress period, my lifestyle choices have many added bonuses, not least social shining. What I do is simple, easy and quite affordable.

I have two aims for proper health every day:

  1. Getting through the day in a positive winners vibe.
  2. Ensuring that I am well prepared to do that again the following day.

My tools are as follows.

What these simple steps give me, is a proper posture on autopilot each day. Furthermore, this lifestyle gives me a life without mental illness, better control over my money, optimistic view on the future and a whole lot of other things that we all desire.

Get your posture in check and the rest shall improve.

Thank you for reading and may you shine your best!



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