The Danger Of Bad, Old Habits And How To Kick Them In The Groin.

kickboxer-1561793_1280Waking up from the fog of your bad past choices.

The first few months of this year were far from ideal. So much drinking, so much weed, so much victim mentality and an army of unresolved issues underneath. I did conquer my weed habit and my drinking for the most part. Furthermore, I have been eating close to a raw vegan diet for a month now with amazing results.

My head is clear of the depression I’ve had most days since my teens, some of the stress symptoms from last year’s homelessness are much less and the endless fatigue is almost gone. In a month! I actually felt the improvement already after a few days, but had a few slips along the way. By starting with the food, I have paved the way for other healthy choices, like a proper sleeping routine, meditation, walks in the sun, stretches and some wannabe yoga moves before sleep.

The devil likes to lurk around corners, so keep your eyes open.

The last slip I chose, came yesterday. See, Iceland, my home country finally made it into the European Cup in football (soccer) and our very first game ever was against Portugal. It was such a historic moment, that I decided to watch a football game, with joy, for the first time in my 40 years life. The anxiety that kicked in as the game started was so heavy, that I fetched a beer at that bar (it was planned for each goal we would score, but you know, habits…), and then another beer.

The game ended 1-1, which is an amazing result. I was already feeling drunk from the adrenaline rush + the beer and super happy, so I went to my regular bar from the party days and decided to celebrate. BIG MISTAKE! Not just that first beer, and the second, but the beers and whiskey that followed. And of course I tried to score some weed…what else?

Your past is your present and your present becomes your future.

Our brain works mostly on autopilot and our choices in the past, brought us to who we are now. Our choices today, define who we will become. Thanks to meditation and a healthy lifestyle, the hangover today was much less severe than what I am used to, so I managed to punish myself with a swim in the rather cold ocean. Ocean swimming has been a major contributor to my improved health recently. If you can’t swim in the ocean, then at least force yourself to take colder and colder showers, until you can’t start the day without cold water only. It takes time, it’s uncomfortable, but in a few weeks time, you’ll be many steps ahead of where you are now.

Lesson learned, the upcoming games with the Icelandic team in the European Cup, shall be watched somewhere with no alcohol present. Watch these highlights below and remember, to be a winner, you must do the little smart things, every day, for a long time to develop a winner mentality through clever choices for new habits.

Little by little, day after day, you will get there and one day, your present will be the future you were hoping for.

Thank you for reading and keep climbing the steep hills of personal victories,



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